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The celebration of the A.J. Greimas year - the year dedicated to the academic achievements in the field of visual semiotics by A.J. Greimas - continues at he university of Liege, Belgium.

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Nordic-Baltic Ambassadors and the Guest of Honor S. Vanackere discuss currrent foreign affairs at the Lithuanian Embassy

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On 4th May President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with King Philippe of Belgium who came to Lithuania to visit Belgian soldiers serving in the NATO forward presence battalion.

The President and the King discussed bilateral cooperation within NATO framework as well as additional security and deterrence measures in the region.

The President underlined that the security of the Alliance begins in the Baltic states. Intensive and concentrated militarization at NATO's eastern borders, offensive military exercise Zapad 2017 directed against the West, medium-range missiles deployed in Kaliningrad, Russia's attempts to influence election results in Western Europe through cyber and information attacks - all this poses a serious threat to the people of Europe.

According to the President, Lithuania and Belgium are well aware that the main threat to continental security comes from Russia. Europe will only be as secure as the Baltic states. Deterrence measures built on real military capabilities must therefore be in place.

The President said that the presence of troops from Belgium and six other allies in Lithuania sent a strong deterring message that NATO was ready to counter any threat to the security of the Baltic states.

She further underlined that Lithuania highly valued the solidarity demonstrated by Belgium and its decision to send logistic support troops to join NATO's enhanced forward presence in Lithuania. Belgian soldiers were the first to arrive in Lithuania and stage the ground for the redeployment of allied troops and heavy military equipment.

The President emphasized that Lithuania had always felt the strong helping hand extended by Belgium. Belgian fighter jets were the first to start policing the skies over the Baltic countries after they joined NATO, conducting many subsequent rotations in Zokniai and at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia.

The President and the King also discussed bilateral relations and cooperation in business, economy, research, and student exchange. They exchanged views on the expanding contacts between the Nordic and Baltic countries and the Benelux.

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President Dalia Grybauskaitė will meet with King Philippe of the Belgians tomorrow, Thursday, May 4 at 12 noon. The President and the King will discuss bilateral relations as well as cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries and the Benelux.

At 14:30, following their meeting at the Presidential Palace, President Dalia Grybauskaitė and King Philippe will visit Belgian soldiers serving in the NATO forward presence battalion in Rukla.

The meeting will focus on safeguarding security in the region and across NATO’s Eastern flank. The implementation of deterrence measures alongside preparations for the NATO summit to be held at the end of May in Brussels will be discussed.

According to the President, given Russia’s increasingly unpredictable and aggressive behavior, Lithuania highly values direct support from NATO allies and the presence of their troops in our country.

Some 100 logistic support troops from Belgium with their weaponry and vehicles are presently deployed in Lithuania. They have staged the ground for the arrival of German and Dutch soldiers and heavy military equipment. The NATO forward presence battalion in Lithuania will also be manned by Luxembourg, Norway, France, and Croatia.

Belgium actively contributes to NATO’s Baltic air policing mission in the Baltic states. Belgian fighter jets were the first to start patrolling the skies over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2004. Since then, they have conducted four rotations in Zokniai and at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia. Belgian troops with military equipment took part in several international exercises in Lithuania.

In terms of trade, Belgium is Lithauania’s tenth largest economic partner. Active business contacts are maintained with the Flemish Region. The ports of Klaipėda and Antwerp have also established business ties. Universities are implementing joint projects in life sciences. Klaipėdos Nafta signed a memorandum of understanding with Belgium’s Fluxys to collaborate on the development of LNG projects and infrastructure. Special grants are paid by the Walloon Region to Lithuanian French-language students and lecturers

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